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Puppet Nebula


This section deals with the stories behind this featured image. Keep checking back for more images and more stories.

The Puppet Nebula

I had started this some years ago while fascinated with the idea of painting some nebulae, simply because they are beautiful, and I wanted a painting challenge.

I had done the initial nebula, got bored and left it for a couple of years to dry before I painted over it. Then, when i finally did, I just sort of experimented to see how well the new paint would adhere and blend over the old layer.

It was another of those Things, where I just kind of space out and work in the Moment, then step back when I’m done, however many hours later. Not being pretentious; that’s just how it goes sometimes. In this instance, the result I found interesting, and a little disturbing.

Last year, a friend of mine saw it and said they’d seen it on the wonderful APOD site, but it had a different name. Wildly intrigued, I looked it up via ‘Pelican Nebula’, and lo! Very similar, which may even be more disturbing? Regardless, here it is.


This apod.nasa.gov is a very interesting site, and gives you a good view of the day, wherever you are.

Waiting, patiently.

Studio Scene

Waiting patiently for Reinmuth Foundry to work their magic on the Greenland shark. It seems everyone and their dog has been making cool stuff, and now wants it in bronze. Me too, now please take a number, and remember that patience is a Virtue.

Well, it looks rather gory in red wax, but it’s off to the foundry, so yay!!

Not all those who wander are lost.


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