Here are some of my more recent paintings for you to look at. I have several in the works, the gorgeous large Swan King just finished that I am very excited about, and two very interesting oils which will take a while still. I prefer classical techniques usually and like to let oils dry naturally, to try and prevent cracking or yellowing. Built to last!



Published by kjensenstudio

I'm a lifelong artist living and creating in Eugene, Oregon right now, originally from California, and have lived all up and down the West Coast. Eugene is...interesting.

7 thoughts on “Paintings

  1. Thanks for your interest in this, Melissa! Yes, that was sold, but there’s always commissions, heh heh heh. In fact, you have given me an idea for a blog now. Aren’t we lucky? (cue hysterical laughter) I really did enjoy doing that painting, because of a new and looser style I was trying out, so I had planned to do more anyway. Thanks again for the encouragement.


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