Questioning, Nothing Much

If you wake up and you’re nothing,

Where can you go from there?

Which way is anyway

If nothing’s anything to care?

‘When you’re down, the only way’s up’

They say these things, when something’s

Growing into nothing-

Is something, is something.

If you wake as nothing, is the only way down;

Take an ”upper’ for your downer?

Just stand still, and nothing

Sticks to you, but flows around.

If you go to sleep and you’re something,

How does that thing fall off?

Sloughing little by little,

A light snow of Some…

Darkness can fall any time of day,

As can Light, but what might

Can force one thing to stay?

Two sides of nothing are still quite gray.

If you wake up and you’re nothing,

You can be what you want,

Go anywhere, fast or slow.

No one will notice you, for you’re nothing

You know.

Published by kjensenstudio

I'm a lifelong artist living and creating in Eugene, Oregon right now, originally from California, and have lived all up and down the West Coast. Eugene is...interesting.

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