A Little Bedtime Story

Once upon a time and far away, there stood a large and beautiful house in a lovely neighborhood. This house had a diverse and excellent garden, three bedrooms, two toilets and a very comfortable kitchen with very full cupboards. The people who lived there enjoyed this immensely, as all their food came from their own garden. It was a small family who lived there, and they kept mostly to themselves. Sometimes they would have squabbles with each other, but by and large they got along pretty well.

One day, some strangers came to the door, asking if they might camp in the garden, because their house down the street had caught on fire and they had nowhere else to go. The family took pity on them, and agreed they could stay in the garden for a while, and even allowed the new family the use of their toilets and kitchen. The newcomers were very relieved in every way, and set up camp in the garden.

This new family had very different customs and habits that the First Family didn’t agree with, and there were soon many disagreements between the families, and between the First Family themselves as well.

Days turned into weeks and weeks into years, and it was clear the new family was not going to leave. The arguments got so heated, that the new family called the police several times, to break up the fights both inside and outside of the house. Meanwhile, the new family grew and grew.

The garden was now growing differently, planted with the new family’s seeds, and the wildlife started to move away from this house. Discord increased, until finally the police came and evicted the First Family on the grounds of property negligence and peace disturbance. They left their house and sadly moved into the backyard.

The new family quickly moved into the house, and invited their families from down the street. The new family took the master bedroom, the sister’s family took the next largest room, and the younger cousin took the smallest bedroom, even though he had the largest family.

So happy to have their own place now, the new families scarcely gave a thought to the First Family, who kept camping in the backyard and hoping to be let back into their house. A housewarming party was planned by the newcomers, and invitations sent out far and wide to the other houses in the area, and preparations were made.

On the day of the party, guests started arriving in droves. They brought music and wine, dancing and merriment of all sorts. There was plenty of food to be had, and it looked as if it would go on all night, which it did, as well as the next day, and the day after that. The guests called their friends to tell them about this amazing house party, and their friends told their friends. Police were also called, but the party goers drove them away with jeers and stones.

A few houses down the street had heard the commotion, but had not gotten invitations to the party for some reason. Perhaps the invitations had gotten lost in a hacked email. Who knows? One of the houses decided this seemed like a good opportunity, so took their only food down the street and opened a wet food stall, selling delicious food cheaply and quickly. They returned later to their house with gold and tales of the party’s debauchery.

This party went on way too long, and the once-beautiful house began to show the wear upon it. The garden was trodden into the mud, the toilets backed-up and sewage spilled out. The kitchen cupboards were almost empty, and the party was now more like an unending hangover. The First Family was now squeezed into a corner of the back yard, and had to witness the ruining of their once-beautiful home. Their own fights now seemed small next to this, and they vowed never to let this happen again. From that small corner though, nobody heard them.

Finally, one day a long, shiny black self-driving limousine pulled up in front of the house and out stepped a group of finely dressed people who were careful where they stepped. They stayed very close to the car, and sent some drones to survey this party area. People stopped what they were doing and came over to see what was happening.

One of the limo group stood apart from the car finally, and addressed the crowd, stating that they owned this neighborhood, and that obviously they needed to make some changes. Word of this went around the party quickly, and the music stopped. A fluttering of bats flew by, and someone coughed.

Having finally gotten their attention the limo-group’s leader announced loudly that the party was over, and almost everyone would have to leave. The families looked at each and smiled at the ‘poor, crazy old man’. This new leader calmly went on, stating in a soft matter-of-fact voice that there would be a new party now, and that everyone would be happy. The First Family rolled their eyes at this lie, and took themselves into the long unnoticed corner where they wouldn’t be seen. One of them coughed.

People began to leave the house, and they left it quite a mess, but the New Limos brought their self-replicating AI robots to clean it up and build it back better.

The house was once again beautiful, and the cupboards again full of necessary supplies, like oils, solvents and spare parts. The Limo people hadn’t stayed long, and the others? No one knows, but the new hill at the end of the road has some of the richest soil on the planet. You could grow anything there, but no one needs to now, and everyone is happy.

The End.

Published by kjensenstudio

I'm a lifelong artist living and creating in Eugene, Oregon right now, originally from California, and have lived all up and down the West Coast. Eugene is...interesting.

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