About the art and artist

 Narrative, Magic Realism, Imaginative Realism, Illustrative, Momentist..all words used to describe the style of my creative visions, whether it be on paper, canvas or clay.  A desire to capture the moment of realization, of understanding, is my primary goal in all mediums because these are the moments I’ve learned the most from. Sometimes these moments lie within a myth or fairy tale, sometimes they are deeply personal revelations that might reflect a common experience within the viewer.

I am a professional artist currently creating fine art in the Pacific Northwest. I’ve had my work in private and public spaces, and I’m always looking to show my art in new and interesting places. Never a dull moment! Customized artwork has been consistent, as well as my dedication to traditional quality in every piece. The evolution of my art is ongoing, and primarily focused now on bronze sculpture, as well as paintings of all sizes in both oil and acrylic.

Please take a look around, and use the handy Contact Form for any questions you might have about the art you see or if there is some art form you’d like to have made for you.

KAri at the River

Thank you.

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